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Hutos Coloring Lite


Designed by the award-winning team at Cotton Interactive, this touch and drag game teaches toddlers about colors. How to Play: Choosing from a scrolling list of scenes, the child can fill in the blank sections from a palate of colors.
▶▶▶ I want to be a painting fairy ◀◀◀Help! Help! Thief steals every colors of Hutos Village! Is anybody wanted to help their color’s back?You can be a painting fairy and help Hutos friends.You can be a painting fairy with magic brush!Let’s go to the Hutos village and be a fairy for the Hutos friends!
▶▶▶ Feature ◀◀◀- Painting fairy : You can use every color that you want.- Magic brush 1. : Painting with fun music- Magic brush 2. : Gradation painting- Magic brush 3. : Mix the colors!- Secret key : You can return Hutos friends to before- Play it : You can see video clip
▶▶▶ Contents ◀◀◀(In free version, you can only be a painting fairy for boat, cactus and Birthday cake)- Boat: Please bring Nado’s boat color back.- Cactus: Where is Mr. Cactus’s color?- Birthday Cake: Nado’s birthday cake is gone!- Bird: Please find Bluebird’s color. It’s living in the rainbow hill.- Cooking: Joa and Nado’s color is gone!- Ping-Pong: Moya lost his color while he plays ping-pong.- Christmas Tree: Please find Christmas tree for Hutos friends- Hide-and-Seek: Where is Joa?- Fallen Leaves: Fallen leaves’ color is gone- Fishing: Nado and Moya lost their color while they fishing.